Goar: Unease grows over inequality - thestar.com

Goar: Unease grows over inequality - thestar.com

One of the appeals of Canada and also Australia (more there than here), lies in its seeming social levelness (not just level-headedness). But, as in Japan, and as in other places touting that post-WWII character, the truth is more complicated and less egalitarian. And in Canada, in particular, as the writings of Atwood have long pointed to (and she is not alone among Canadian authors), grotesque economic inequality is there, simply under the surface, but probably not even that.

What we see is the evolution and maturation of both new-generation old wealth and simply new wealth, born of extraordinarily pro-individualistic/business programs put into place over the last 40 years.


Blogger giosetti said...

I recall a discussion I had with one of my closest friends a couple of years back (maybe 5 years). I complained that no one seems to perceive the downhill tendency of our increasingly fractioned society for the fourchette of the extremely rich & powerful (lobbyism, news-control etc) and the rest of the populace. Especially I was frustrated wit the perspective that people may take some 50 years to understand what happens to them. To my great surprise my friend, a bone-dry rather conservative character, replied this would happen much faster I would ever think of. When I read this article (thanks for sharing) and read so many other signs, I begin to think he's right.

However - from the bird perspective reading all those signs (growing discomfort by the populace strengthening popular far-right movements like Tea-Party, Front National, Geerd Wilders, Hungary etc.) doesn't really seem to lift up my spirits.

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