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How many independences does Mexico have, and how many left to celebrate before it can be said to mean something? Fraught, ironic, sad.... I grew up a child in Mexico (along with also growing up in Spain, Australia, the US), and if my heart can be said to beat to any national rhythm, it's Mexican, as my taste favours comida corrida, as my memories, left alone to wander, take me down childhood paths of Mexico City. First song I sang as a child: the Mexican national anthem. Quick forgot, replaced by the Spanish (also forgot), Australian (ditto), and US (remembered, but I recall always the more pacific one, from sea to shining sea, not the bellicose).

But the point is the Mexican Independence. We were in Queretaro this, last, and prior summers, springs, falls, and also DF, Guadalajara, and we love the places, we loved the effort QRTR put into the celebration, and the city, Queretaro, really is a city unto itself in a nation that is independent.... but, like Canada, the shadow of the neighbour cast both nurtures and deprives, and where Mexico is constantly emerging, renewing itself in its emergence, for both good and ill, Canada, at least Ontario, seems perfectly happy, if occasionally disgruntled it's not happy enough, to be unemergent.



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