The Hindu : Business / Economy : Think local, go ‘open’

I used to work with Gopi, who's featured here, and I've also helped produce a lot of the language I read here. And so it's doubly nice to see the attention given to open source and open standards here in The Hindu, which is a quite important paper in India. But I've also seen similar attention evanesce. The difficulty is not in getting attention but in keeping it. And most important in engaging the attention of the politicians who make the crucial decisions.

Foss, open standards are in the end political issues, as they now demand *how* to spend your (taxpayer's) money. Your money can be spent on proprietary work made by companies which depend on the luck of the market. Or it could be spent on work that does not impose what is effectively a user tax and which is more removed from the uncertain roll of the market's dice.

The Hindu : Business / Economy : Think local, go ‘open’


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